Hassan Javaid

As Both a 3D Artist and a Game Designer, I strive to create interactive experiences that emphasize both story-telling and immersive player interactivity. My focus and areas of interest are definitely in Level Design & Creative Direction. I also have experience with the 3D Art pipeline for both games and animation.


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stout in January 2015 with a Double Major in Game Design and Development (BSc), Multimedia Design (BFA) and a Minor in English Writing.


During my time as an undergraduate student I was fortunate enough to have worked on the survival horror game Flash Frozen, which rose to claim the top position at the E3 College Game Competition. Following that, I dedicated the final year of my schooling to work a 3D Third Person Adventure game, completely on my own!


I also worked on Veridious as the Team lead, an intense 2 week project that had us not only coming up with a pitch for a larger game with a playable prototype that we then pitched to the Jim Henson Company in Hollywood. This project also gave me the opportunity to finally design and develop for the Oculus Rift, which was amazing!


Besides Games, I have also worked as a web designer  professionally, working both full time and freelance. In my spare time I also run, code, design and write for an Japanese Animation Coverage website and blog, Anime Evo.


Fresh out of college, I am excited for what new things await me. Questions? Have a cool new project? Feel free to contact me at contact@hassanjavaid.com.



Maya               Zbrush              Unity 3d              Adobe ps