Flash Frozen

Narrative Samples

Below are some samples from the narrative elements I wrote for Flash Frozen. These narrative pickups are diary pages, memos e.t.c that can be picked up and read by the player in the game.


These Narrative elements were written by me, shown to the lead designer, and then the text was made into a texture by an artist. Finally, I placed these assets inside the various levels in the Unity Editor myself.


Below are three different examples of the narrative pieces:

Ship Memo:


=== Notice ===

As you are well aware, our ship has recently crashed into an unknown frozen land formation. The ice formation seems to go on for miles and we have currently sent a team to investigate the surrounding area.


As a part of the S.S Catherine’s crew, it is your responsibility to keep calm and collected. Passengers are scared and confused—we can prevent panic with a crew that is stable, confident and in control.


Follow standard emergency protocol and begin rationing out supplies in your assigned departments.


Please consult with your superiors for further orders and remember to keep calm.


We have issued an S.O.S signal and should have help on the way.


Please hold out until then. We will make it through this. We will preserve.


~Jonathan Doakes

Captain of the S.S Catherine.


Hand Written: LIAR






Diary Page:


Dear Diary,

When I took this job I really thought it would the good life. Work a little, see the world, become one with the sea and all that.


What I got instead is 60 hours a week for a “salary”. The pay is pathetic, the food and living conditions are worse. I can’t remember the last I had a vacation.


And while I work my butt off every day, the “guests” are having the time of their life. Once, just once I’d like to relax on the deck, or try of that fancy food at the restaurant. Hell, I’d even take a drink at Club Catherine’s with that drunk of a Captain of ours.


He’s the reason everyone on this ship is so miserable. Its a miracle he can even stand in the morning, let alone direct a ship this size. One of these days he’s going to be the death of us.






Ravings of a Madman Note:


Shit. Shit. Shit. I think…. I think I saw it.


I think I saw an entire wall of ice just move! Move like it was alive.


Ice can’t be alive can it? But I swear… I saw it. No one believes me, but I’m friggin convinced that this ship is haunted. Its haunted and its just another sign from mother nature that we’re all supposed to die.


A lot of people are gone now. People say that they escaped off the ship in the dead of night, but I think its the ice that got em.


The ice is alive. The ice is alive. The ice is alive. The ice is alive. The ice is alive. (same phrase repeats, repeating to the point of incoherence)