Star Defence

Delta X1090




About the Project

Star Defence Delta X1090 is a touch-based arcade shooter developed for Mobile phones. The game was coded in HTML5 and Javascript, and is meant to be a quick, on the go, arcade experience.


The game development cycle was 3 weeks during the course of a Unversity semester.


The game was made to be a showcase of my skills as both a UI artist and a Web/App programmer. The game features touch based shooting, a health and power meter, as well as special abilities that can be triggered based on the power meter. At the end of a play session, the game keeps track of your score and assigns you a rank based on said score.


The game was created using a Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop for Visual Design & packaged using PhoneGap for Android and iOS devices.


The Game can be played in the browser by going clicking the following link: [Play Star Defence Delta X1090] (Warning there are sounds present in this game)