Tower of Babble




About the Project

Tower of Babble is a pen and paper card game, with a block building mechanic.


The game is played by a minimum of four players, and is based on players drawing word cards, and then having to draw a quick picture to describe that word.


Each round one player serves as the “judge” and the picture that leads the judge to the correct “word” written on the card, wins. Each win nets the winning player a building block to build their tower.


The game development cycle was 1 month during the course of a University semester. The development included the initial concepting, paper prototyping, and then final design, packaging and execution.


The game was made to be a showcase for basic game design that is fun and endearing to play, from a purely mechanics stand point.


The game was created by a team of four, Two Game Designers and Two Graphic Designers.




  • Game Designer: I designed the mechanics based on an initial concept, and refined them and fleshed them out.
  • QA Tester/Analyst: During and After playtests I recorded the data, made observations and then presented it to the team for changes.
  • Technical Writer: I wrote the rules book for the game, condensing the game’s complex rules into three small pages.
  • Graphic Design/Layout: I created the look and feel of the cards, and the general aesthetic for the game, based on illustrations and general work from the graphic designers.