About the Project

Veridious is a first person exploration game. The game is inspired heavily from the Farscape TV Franchise, and was made in collaboration with the Jim Henson company, at the University of Wisconsin stout. The game features two levels, and is a proof of concept demo with full Oculus Rift support.


The game development cycle was 2 weeks, with a team of 8. There were 6 Artists, two programmers.


The game was made to be a stand alone product that could sit comfortably in the Farscape universe. At the end of the two weeks, we went to Hollywood Los Angeles and pitched the game to the Jim Henson Company.The game was received extremely positively by the Jim Henson company, owners of the Farscape IP.



The game was created using Autodesk Maya, zBrush, Topogun and developed in the Unity Game Engine.


It can be downloaded and played for free by going to





  • Project Lead: I served as the project lead, assigning tasks, keeping communication going between the various team members, and managing the overall direction and feel of the game.
  • Pipeline Development: I created a unique pipeline and process that best used each team member’s strengths and skill sets.
  • Programmer: I worked alongside the lead programmer, and created a bunch of systems, interactive elements and event based scripts.
  • Level Builder: I brought all the assets from the art team, and put some of the assets into the engine. I also trained two artists to be able to work as Level Builders.
  • Lighting Artist: I handled all the in-engine lighting, lightmapping and optimization of real time lights.
  • 3D Artist: I modeled and sculpted some 3D Props for game. I also retopologized all the assets we created in the game, and created normal maps to use in engine.
  • Animator: I animated all camera/scene related elements using the Cinema Director Plugin for the Unity Game Engine.


Process: Level Design


Level Design followed an iterative process. As the Team Lead, the led the level design for the game, guiding it to best serve our mechanics and gameplay. We wanted to use our modular assets in a way that felt interesting and distinctive.

The final Level Design Map was drawn by a concept artist and shared with the entire team:


Veridious Level Design

Design For Level 1 (Left) and Level 2 (Right)





Process: Game Pitch


The team had 2 weeks to come up a concept and idea, create a pitch document and make a proof of concept playable game demo. You can click the image on the left to download the game pitch document, which showcases the larger idea of the game.


In the pitch document, we cover the expanded story and larger plan for the game. It also chronicles a lot of process, early concepting and prototyping. This pitch bible was handed to the client (in this case, the Jim Henson company) after we gave our pitch presentation for the project.


Both the Document and the presentation were a success, and we walked away impressing one of the premiere animation/tv companies in Hollywood, and getting them interested in the Video Game and VR space.